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I at a young age was pushed from the very beginning to achieve my absolute best in a family always pushing each other. Growing up in a family of Fancy Executives, I of course chose a career moving away from that. I chose to become an automotive technician. It began with building my daily driver Jetta into my own personalized car. My passon for cars and the amazing community around them lead to me pursuing my carrier with a local Volkswagen dealership. A Friend of mine who worked at the dealer at the time gave me the shot to come interview for a job when I was 18 as a lube tech and I took it. After a few years or so I quickly climbed up to be the lead tech in the dealership, running two shops and being who everybody came to for assistance.

A2B Motorsport was Born

Starting out of my parents garage as a means of making side money on the weekends, quickly grew into its own operation. After the town and my parents kept commenting on how many Volkswagen and Audis were all over our property, I rented my first shop space out of a two car garage, after a year there and having cars shipped for modifications from all over the country, we moved to a second shop. At 2,500 square feet I purchased lifts and left the dealership to start my current adventure as A2B Motorsport. The name originating in our roots of Drag Racing. Going from Point A to Point B.

…Still Running and evolving to A2B Euro Car Repair

After out growing the last shop, I moved to what should be our final shop space at just over 5,000 square feet at the beginning of 2021. Complete with a waiting room and plenty of shop space to continue to grow we evolved into where we are today, A2B Euro Car Repair the repair and performance shop giving customers a personal touch while beating out the dealerships in quality and service.

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